Periklis Tsoukalas is an Oud, Guitar, Rabab and Sarod player, music teacher and composer from Greece. He has 19 records (solo, bands and projects), compositions for paintings, sculptures, documentaries and theatrical plays (two compositions for theatrical plays and one documentary had been awarded). He has invited to worldwide conferrences about Oud to give workshops and solo Oud recitals (Cairo opera house, Istanbul Topkapı palace). He has collaborate, performed and recorded with numerous important musicians around the world as well as different artists. In 2000 he managed a music symposium for the similarities between Greek and Turkish traditional music hosted by Crete’s prefecture of Lassithi that being participated by both Greek and Turkish notable musicians, lecturers and luthiers. Son of a famous Greek drummer of the ’60’s he had travelled around the world with his notable stay in Saudi Arabia for almost 15 years. He studied Byzantine Music, Western music, Classical Ottoman Music as well as modern styles like blues, jazz, rock, electronic. Through the years he formed bands of different music genres such as: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Grindcore, Noise, Punk, Psychedelia, Blues, Traditional, Classical. He has been performing with Baba Zula group since 2010.