He was born in Istanbul as the only child of Ülfet and Mengü Ertel. At the early ages, he started to sculpt and compose, and then he began to write poems and stories. The number of violets in the forest produced in the same age as 5 copies. Being a founding member of many bands, BaBa ZuLa in particular, Ertel practiced his art in India and Brazil.  Ertel, who is the curator of the Redbull Round Robin Istanbul event, designed dozens of album covers. He is married with two children. Some Leadheads 1960s Xylophone harmonica with radio pickup and vocals solo music and recordings 1969 MaviGüneş69 first group Poetry operetta play and puppet music 1978 (Two of One) first album Nightwalker 1982 Dead Rats 1985 TIR 1986 First Soundtrack Slope