Antalya, Turkey


Distinctively emotive, soul-inspired vocalist Nelly White is an artist whose sound will appeal to many different musical tastes. From an early age, the Welsh-born singer and songwriter balanced study with music, sang in choirs and in bands, and performed in orchestras and musical productions. As a teacher of contemporary voice, she developed a passionate approach to singing, influenced by her favourite artists: Anita Baker, Paul Simon, Prince, John Mayer, Alison Krauss and Fleetwood Mac. Inspiration drawn from her life and experiences led to the tracks we can hear on this album, “Ordinary Woman”. A mixture of pop, soul, funk and fusion, the album showcases her writing talent for capturing the essence of many styles, married with her own interpretation. A unique sound, blended with expressive lyrics and soul makes this album one that will feature on playlists everywhere. She writes all of the bands’ lyrics and is the root of all their original music.